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June 4, 2007-- We went to Chuck E Cheese'swith the girls and some of Nates buddies and thier kids!! !! We all had fun and we took the girls on a couple rides, and they liked them alot!! Hehe.

May 18, 2007-- Tonite, we hosted a big cookout with all the parents, Mimi, Nicole and Tommy!! We had LOTS of yummy food!! We all had lots of fun too!!

May 12, 2007-- My 1st Mothers Day!! Well, after Sabrina was done with the virus, Vanessa and I got it, and the NAte got it later on in the day:( It sure is a bad virus:( So, thanks to Mom and Dad, they picked Sabrina up, so we had only 1 baby to take care of. SO that helped alot. Little did we know, Mom and DAd would soon get the virus:( Later in the day, I felt MUCH better!! I was so glad it was gone!! SO that was a special mothers day i'll always remember!! Hehe

May 11, 2007-- Today beautiful Aubrey was born!! Nicole had about 4 hours of labor, after being induced!! I was in the room for the birth, and it was SO amazing to watch a miracle happen!! She weighs 7.8lbs!! ANd shes so beautiful!! Im so happy Im Aunt Ashlee now!! Later on at the hospital, Sabrina vomited everywhere in her carseat, and I was a little worried:( I calles the doctor later, and she said that it was probably a virus:( Poor Sabrina:(

April 29, 2007-- Sabrina got her first tooth!!

April 28, 2007-- Vanessa and Sabrina got to go swimming for the first time!! The water was a little chilly, but they got used to it!! They looked so cute in thier bathing suits!! Hehe.

April 27, 2007--Today was Vanessa and Sabrinas 6 month check up!! Vanessa weighs 16lbs and Sabrina is 16. 2lbs!! They had 1 shot today, which wasnt too bad!!

April 22, 2007-- The girls first time at the beach!! Sabrina loves the water and Tommy took some beautiful pictures of the girls and us by the water with the sunset!! We had lots of fun!!

April 8, 2007-- Vanessa and Sabrinas first Easter!! We went over to Mom and Dads and had a BIG delicious dinner!! The girls got to wear thier fancy pink dresses that were so cute on them!! Uncle John flew back home:( We all had such a wonderful time with him!!

April 6, 2007-- Uncle John came down to visit!! Yeh!! We all had dinner at Quaker Steak, and Uncle John and Dad, tried some of the hottest wings they make there, and well, from the expressions on their faces, they were hot!! Hehe.

April 1, 2007-- Nate and Grampa went boating in the gulf today, and caught 2 fish each!! They had lots of fun, but boy, did Nate get fried!! He hurts alot =( Also, Auntie Nicole had her baby shower for Aubrey, who's due on May 8th!! Yeh!! We cant wait to meet her!!

March 31, 2007-- Today, one year ago, we found out we were having a baby!! Little did we know, there was 2!! Hehe!! So we met Grammie and Grampa at Green Iguanas for dinner(same place where we told them the news)!!

March 28,2007-- The girls went on thier first picnic at Lake Seminole Park with Alexa, Mimi, and Mommy!! They were very good, and slept most of the time!! It was very nice and relaxing there!! We packed some sandwiches, chips, and a yummy fruit salad!! Ah.. what a nice day!!

March 25,2007-- Nate and I went to a wedding convention to get some ideas and win some free stuff!! Lots of neat stuff there!! The girls went to a car show today with Grammie and Grampa!! The girls also had their first 2nds food!! They did very well with it!! Yummy!!

March 24, 2007-- Tonite the girls stayed all-nite at Grammie and Grampas for the first time!! They both did very good, and slept through the whole nite!! Yeh!!

March 23. 2007-- HAPPY 5 MONTHS TO VANESSA AND SABRINA!! The girls had their 5 month check up, and Grammie got to join us too!! Vanessa weighs 13.10lbs, and Sabrina is 13.14lbs!! They're so big!! They both had 1 shot today, which was'nt too bad!! The doctor also said that Vanessa is cutting her first tooth, and Sabrina is'nt too far behind!! (uh-oh!!)

March 10, 2007-- Today Aunt kelli, Aunt Kim and the girls went to Davids Bridal, and we got the dresses ordered!! They're so beautiful!!

March 3, 2007-- Today the girls had thier first solid foods!! Yeh!! They did pretty good with them too!!

February 29, 2007-- Tonite, Nate and I met with the reverand and Church by the Sea, where we're going to get married!! Yeh!! ANd, we got approved!! The date is set forSeptember 8, 2007!!

February 28, 2007--Kelsey, Alexa and I went to Davids Bridal, so they could try on some dresses and get ideas for the wedding. (Nicole, is Maid of Honor, Kelsey and Kori are the bridesmaids and Alexa and Sarah as flower girls)!! It will be so much fun!! We found the perfect dresse for them. The color is called Apple(like a maroon). We also won the dress on Ebay!! Yeh!! Im so happy!!

February 25, 2007-- Mom called me this morning and wanted to know if I could go grocery shopping eith her, and so I did!! Hehe!! We had so much fun, kinda like bringing back the old days! Then Dad suprised us by showing up there, so we had a " Farrell Family Grocery Shopping Day"! Hehe! Then Nate , me , Nicole, and Tommy went to the beach, but boy, was it windy and cold, so we stayed for about 5 minutes!! Hehe!! So we went and ate at Guppys, a seafood restaraunt. Then later we went to Mom and Dads for a cookout!! We had some of the best steaks, Ive ever had(courtesy of one of the best grillers, Dad) hehe. It was so yummy!! Then we got a very noce card from them, and they said they'd pay for alot of things in the wedding. Nate and I were so happy, and thankful. That will help us out SOOO much. So thank you so much, mom and dad!! We love you!!

February 24, 2007-- Today mom and I went looking for a wedding dress at Davids Bridal!! Yeh!! It was so much fun!! Im getting so excited!! Its really starting to hit me, that Im getting married now!! We found the perfect dress, but the price was pretty high, so... knowing how , wonderful my dad is(especially on Ebay) we found it for about 1/3 of the Davids Bridal price!! Yeh!!

February 23-2007-- HAPPY 4 MONTHS TO VANESSA AND SABRINA!! The girls also had their 4 month checkup today and Vanessa is 12.12lbs, and Sabrina is 12.2lbs!! Their getting so big and growing so fast, escpecially for being preemies!! The doctor gave us the okay to start the girls on rice cereal!! Yeh!! They also got 2 shots each:( I did'nt like to see them getting it, as much as it hurt them:( But they were fine 5 minutes later(of coarse the bottle helps!! hehe) Sabrina got fussy later on, so I gave her Tylenol, and she was fine.

February 22, 2007-- Today Laura, from HealthyStart came over and did the "ages and stages" testing, and the girls did WONDERFUL. They exceeded the cutoff level in every catagory!! Very smart little girls!!

February 16, 2007-- I went to Babies R' Us and got the girls a "jumperoo", and the girls love it!! They can almost tpuch the ground with their toes, so we put a pillow under it.

February 15, 2007-- Vanessa rolled over from her belly to back today, for the first time!! Yeh!!

February 14, 2007-- HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NATE!! Tonite, we took the girls over to Aunt Kelli's and bought some steaks, and came home and relaxed. We watched a movie, and that was about it!! We enjoyed it very much though!!

February 13, 2007-- Today we had some VERY bad weather, especially wind. Of coarse it all had to come, while I took the girls to Vanessa's checkup on her belly. But we made it!! Hehe!! The doctor said her belly looks wonderful and is'nt concerned about anything. We will go back every 3 months for check ups, for her first year. Vanessa weighs 12lbs!! She sure passed her sissie!! Hehe

February 12, 2007-- I took Sabrina to the doctors, because she has a little cough. The doctor said it was just a little cold, probably from the weather, and the air, so she gave us some Saline drops for Sabrina, and some cold medicine. Today, she weighs 11.8lbs.

February 11, 2007-- Nate and I came home today!! Boy, were we glad to see the girls again!! We missed them so much!! Its amazing how they can drive us so crazy, but when we're away from them, we miss them so much!!

February 10, 2007--Nate and I went to Epcot and had lots of fun!! We went on all the rides, and Nate loved it there. HE had'nt been to Epcot in many, many years!! We went on the Epcot ball, TestTrack, Mission: Space, a Finding Nemo ride( That was so cool!! hehe), and the new ride, Soarin'. That was amazing!! After Epcot, we went to Oldtown(again, hehe) and we went on the Skycoaster. Wow!! That was a crazy experience. We were strapped in a harness, laying on our stomach, and then brought up 300 feet backwards. Then they say 3...2...1...fly, and Nate had to pull a trigger that let us drop 130 feet freefalling, over water. It was AMAZING!! Scary at first, but we'd do it again!! hehe

February 9, 2oo7-- Nate and I went to Kissimee today for our weekend vacation while Nana and Duda are watched the girls. We went to Oldtown and ate at Flippers Pizzeria!! Best Pizza around!! Then we went and saw Arabian Knights, the dinner show, and it was So amazing!! The horses there were beautiful!!

February 7, 2007--Today I signed up to start taking a medical terminonlogy coarse online, so I can do medical transcriptioning. Yeh!!

January 31, 2007-- Today the girls went over to Mimis and visited with Grammie. We had some pizza and watched the movie Cars!! It was the cutest movie!! I really missed Papa today. I cant believe its been 2 years already. I wish he was here so I could still see him and he could meet the girls, and Nate and see our wedding. I miss him so much. But I know he is in a much better place, with no suffering, and is watching over and blessing us all. We love you and miss you Papa!!

January 27, 2007-- The girls had thier 3 month check up today!! It went very well!! Vanessa is 10.10 lbs and is 23'' long!! Sabrina is 11.5 and 22 3/4" long!! They also had one shot and did very good. They let out one loud scream, and then they were okay!!

January 19, 2007-- Vanessa had her check up appointment today, and the doctor said she looks perfect, and is'nt concerned about anything!! That was very nice and relieving to hear!! She weighed 10.5lbs!! Getting So big!!

January 18, 2007-- VANESSA CAME HOME TODAY!! Yeh!! We're SO happy and thankful to have her back. Thank you so much to EVERYONE who helped us get through this, and was there to help support Vanessa and be with her. You dont know how much we appreciate it!! When Vanessa got home, she just could not stop smiling. It was one of the best feelings to see her home and happy again!!

January 17, 2007-- Vanessa finally got to eat by bottle today, since she has been doing so well!! If she does good today, then she'll be ablr to go home tomorrow!! Yeh!! Im so excited!!

January 16, 2007-- Vanessa is now up to 28cc/hour!! Yeh!! Still small, but hey, shes getting up there!!

January 15, 2007-- Vanessa got to start eating today!! But by feeding tube!! They started her at 7cc's/hour, which is very small. Today she was weighed and she is 9.5lbs!! Yeh!!

January 14, 2007-- Vanessas IV tube got clamped today, and they're going to see if the fluid moves through her, then if she does good, they'll start feeding her on a feeding tube in 24 hours, but starting VERY little!!

January 13, 2007-- Today Vanessa had 2 poopies!! YEH!! Thats a very good sign, because it shows that the fluids are moving all the way through the bowels!! Like Ive said before when Vanessa was in the NICU, " Ive never wanted a poopie so bad before!!" Hehe!! We brought Sabrina up to see Vanessa, and it was so amazing. Vanessa would just look at Sabrina with this sad look, and do a very different cry, like she wanted to be by her sissie. So we put them by each other, and they both stopped crying. It was so neat!! Sabrina got to stay over at Grammie and Grandpas tonite!! SHe kept Grammie up alot, I think just from being in a new environment.

January 12. 2007--Vanessa is starting to look healthy and happy again, which was a big relief for me, even though I want her home more than anything. Today they think it could be a partial, or no obstruction. Babies with Gastroschisis, can make it look like there is an obstruction (on an xray), but there really isnt.

January 11, 2007-- The doctors dont think its a UTI anymore, they're pretty sure its an obstruction in her bowels, which is a narrowing of a bowel, which can block the food from passing through, and can build up, and possibly tear a hole invthe bowel, which would let the formula go elsewhere into the belly, and can cause an infection. So they started her on 3 antibiotics which will help, just in case there is an infection. We can definatly tell Sabrina misses her sissie.

January 10, 2007-- Today, the nurses put Vanessa on an IV to give her the nutrients she needs, because they stopped her feedings. They also gave her some antinausea which has been helping alot. Sabrina stayed her first nite away at Nana and Dudas. It felt SO weird for Nate and I to come home to an empty home. I was bawling my eyes out!! It was hard the first night!

January 9, 2007-- While Grammie was over here, Vanessa did a very "projectile-like" vomit, that was kind of yellowish, and she also did one later on and I just knew something was'nt right. So I followed my instinct and I took her to All Childrens at 1:00am, and got her admitted. We ended up staying the night while Daddy stayed home with Sabrina. They said it could be a virus or a urinary tract infection :( Mommy finally got home after being up all night and went to sleep for a long time. But I was glad to be there to comfort and hold Vanessa, even as her vomiting got much worse.

December 31, 2006-January 1, 2007-- WOW!! Its the new year already??!! This year flew by!! Mommy, Daddy, and the girls stayed over at Grammie and Grandpas house overnite. We had such a wonderful time. We went out to Edo's, a japanese restraunt, and had some awsome food. Then went back and hung out at the house. And the girls got to go in the jacuzzi for the first time, and boy, did they love that!! We wish everyone a wonderful new year!! Happy 2007!!

December 25, 2006-- Well, today was such an amazing day. It was the girls first christmas, and they got SO much neat stuff!! We had 3 christmas' today, and it was kind of tiring, but it was all worth it to be with family!! ~~ Merry Christmas to all!~~

December 22, 2006-- Today the girls had their pediatricians appointment, and they got their shots:( But they did alot better than what I thought. Vanessa weighs 8.9lbs, and is 21". Sabrina, is 9.2lbs, and 21 1/2". They're growing SO fast!!

November 23, 2006-- Today was a big day!! It was the girls first Thanksgiving and they got to visit thier Great grandmas and Grandparents!! We went to 3 different places!! It was so much fun!! AND MOMMY AND DADDY GOT ENGAGED TODAY!!!!!!! YEH!!! Nate got down on his knee and popped the question, and of coarse I said yes!! The ring is so beautiful!! It has a princess diamond on the top and 2 small circle diamonds on the side, one for each of the girls!! Aww!! It was a beautiful moment!! Also the girls are already 1 month old today!! Wow!! It went by SO fast!!

November 22, 2006-- We had the girls first checkup together as a family today!! Vanessa is 6lbs 6oz, and 18 3/4" long!! Sabrina is 6lbs 4oz, and 18" long!! They're doing wonderful!! The next checkup will have thier shots:(

November 14, 2006-- Tonite the new mommy and daddy got to go out for dinner!! It was really nice to get a little break, even though I still missed the girls!! Hehe.

November 10, 2006-- Today was Vanessa's first full day out of the hospital!! We went to her pediatricians appointment and shes 5lbs 14oz and 18" long!! Today was also the great grandpas birthday and mommy got to bring the girls there all by herself because daddy was out at a call!!

November 9, 2006
-- Today the family was completed, when our Vanessa got to come home!! Im so happy now that they're both here!! And I cant get over how fast she recovered!! Most babies with the gastroschisis usually have to recover for a month or two, but Vanessa did it in about 2 weeks!! Thats definatly a strong little girl!!

November 6, 2006--Today was Sabrinas first pediatric appointment, and Great
Mimi got to go with us!!

November 4, 2006-- Today we had the baby shower, and also got to m  ove into our new apartment!! The baby shower was so wonderful!! I had such a good time and we got soooo much stuff!! It took about 2 hours just to open gifts!! We got lots of diapers, and many clothes, which of coarse we WILL use!! Hehe!! Vanessa also got moved up to NICU 3 which is the room where "ready to go home babies" are. That was such a relief for us!! Hopefully she'll be home before the weekend!!

November 1, 2006-- Vanessa had a poopie today!! Yeh!! Boy I dont think Ive ever wanted a poopie so bad!! Hehe!! They had to give her the suppositorie, but it should still get things moving along!! Nate and I went to see Vanessa tonite and she just looks so beautiful!! She definitely has a head full of hair compared to Sabrina!! Her face is much rounder too. We got to dress her for the first time tonight!! Nana and Papa got to watch Sabrina tonight, which was kinda hard leaving her behind, but we wanted to see our Vanessa. Aunt Wheet got to hold Sabrina for the first time tonight and she just couldn't get over how tiny she was!!

October 31, 2006-- Today Mimi got to take Sabrina and I to her first pediatricians appointment!! She already gained 3oz, and 3/4 of an inch!!
Guess the breast milk is working!! He he!! We got to show off Sabrina a little bit to some of the old neighbors, but it was hard not having Vanessa there with us.Papa got to hold Sabrina for the first time which was a pretty tearful, but beautiful moment. She just looked so tiny in his arms!! Nana and Papa looked so funny as hippies!! Definitely a very unique costume!!

October 30, 2006-- Today the girls are 1 week old!! WOW!! It goes by so fast!! Sabrina came home today!! Yeh!! She was so good on the ride home!!
She just slept through most of the day!! Vanessa hasn't pooped in 3 days so they're not to concerned about it, but they're going to watch over it. The nurse said most babies with belly surgery don't go poop for a few days, so they'll give her another day or two. If she doesn't go, they'll just give her a suppository to "get it moving". Vanessa is up to 8 cc's of milk now, which isn't allot at all, but they just want to take it very slow.

October 29, 2006-- Today I got the bassinet from Mimi which will have the 4th generation of babies in it!! WOW!! Vanessa got moved into a bassinet today and they took the tube out of her mouth and started giving her my breast milk, but they are going to feed her VERY slowly, and then progress daily.

October 28, 2006-- Nana got to hold Vanessa for the first time today!! We were supposed to bring Sabrina home today, but as we walked in the hospital, I got a phone call from the nurse practitioner saying we wouldn't be able to because her temperate had dropped just a little bit this morning and the doctors wanted to monitor for another full 24 hours, so we didn't get to.
But they said most likely on Monday we could bring her home.

October 27, 2006-- I got to change Sabrina's diaper and give her a bath today!! She did so good and looked so cute!! I also started to try and nurse her!! She did okay with that but maybe tomorrow will be a better day!!

October 26, 2006-- Today was the day I got to come home after just over 2 long months in the hospital. It was a wonderful feeling, but I hated not being able to bring the girls home with us, but I was glad they were in the right place to be taken care of. The ride home was kind of painful on my incision, but not too bad. Sabrina got to moved to NICU 3 today, which is where the ready-to-go-home-babies go. Yeh!! Nate got to feed and burp Sabrina for the first time today!! Vanessa looks so much better now, after the jaundice lights. The fluid coming out of her belly (bile) was much lighter and clearer today which is a very good sign of getting closer to feeding her. Right now she is just on an IV full of all the nutrients, vitamins and lipids(fat cells).

October 24, 2006--Today the girls started the treatment for their jaundice, which just meant they had to be under the special lights for a couple days.
Sabrina was so cute sleeping with her little butt in the air!! I also got to change Sabrina's poopy diaper for the first time!! Hehe!! Nate and I got to hold our little Vanessa, and that was another special moment!! She just stared at her daddy for the longest time!!

October 23, 2006--Today was the first day I got to hold Sabrina!! She was just so beautiful and tiny!! We got to see Vanessa too, and it was harder to see her with all the tubes and IVs in her. But I was just so thankful she made it into the world and was here now. We got to feed Sabrina 2 times !!

October 23, 2006-- One of the most memorable days of our lives!! Vanessa and Sabrina decided it was time to come out of mommy's belly!! The contractions kept me up the whole night, especially with the nurses checking the contractions. They gave me 2 bags of an IV which usually stopped the contractions in the past. Then they gave me a shot of morphine, and boy did that hurt!! I started to freak out a little bit after my hearing went away within a few seconds of the shot. Then they gave me a pill called Bacardia, which always have stopped the contractions in the past. But tonight, none of that worked. I remember looking at Nate and I said "I think its going to happen tonight or tomorrow". And I was right!! After awhile, the nurses told me not to eat or drink anything, so ice became my new best friend!! So at 6:25am, the doctor came in and told me today was going to be the day!! I was so happy!! So after I got all changed into my gown, I had to walk into the O.R., and boy did that look scary!! The anesethiologist came in and gave me my spinal anesethia, which really didn't even hurt!! After a few minutes I could feel some pressure on my belly and would soon learn those were our beautiful baby girls coming out. I remember hearing Sabrina cry, and of coarse I just started bawling my eyes out with tears of joy. That moment was so special to me. Vanessa came out at 5lbs and Sabrina at 4.6 lbs!! I remember the nurses bringing me to a temporary recovery room, and I guess I just fell into a really deep sleep. The next thing I remember was Nate running in and telling me that Vanessa's surgery went really well. They got all of her small intestines in on the first try, and that was such a relief.
I had lots of visitors come and visit me!! And lots of beautiful flowers!!
Thank you so much to all of you!! You have supported me and Nate through all of this and helped keep our heads up high!!

October 22, 2006-- At about 8:05pm, I started contracting and Nate came up and stayed the night!!

October 12, 2006-- Papa got to see Vanessa and Sabrina on the ultrasound today when he came by in the morning!! It was so neat for him to be able to see that!!

October 30,2006-- Today on the ultrasound, we found that the girls weighed 3 lbs 10oz, and 3 lbs 8oz. It feels like they're getting so big!!

October 23, 2006-- After two months to the day in the hospital...Vanessa and Sabrina are born!!
See the pics!

September 30, 2006-- Grandma and Grandpa had a massage therapist come here so I could get a nice, relaxing massage. And I sure did!! It felt so wonderful. I feel very relaxed now!! She showed me a much more comfortable way to sleep, that wont hurt my back and hips, so I'll be trying that way out!! Thank you very much Grandma and Grandpa!!

September 26, 2006-- Today we had the fetal echo done on the girls hearts.
We learned that Sabrina's hole in her heart is closed and Vanessa's is just barely open, and nothing to worry about. The doctors said it should close before she's born or if not, soon after. They're going to scan the girls after their born, just to look and see if everything looks good still!!

September 24, 2006-- On the ultrasound this morning, we saw that Sabrina had a head full of hair!! It was so cute!!

September 22, 2006-- Last night was a very long night. I started having contractions about once every 2 minutes, so they had to put me on an IV and give me a muscle relaxant pill to help relax the uterus, but the contractions still went on for about 3 hours. My next step was going to be Magnesium Sulfate, which is a hard thing to be put on because it lasts for
24 hours, and you feel very tired like having the flu, plus blood tests every hour. So I didn't want to go through that!! The doctors did a urine test, and found that I was contracting because I was dehydrated. Luckily, the contractions stopped after awhile.
Also today, I moved in my permanent room. Its a pretty nice one, with a window that looks at the crosswalk to go to All Children's hospital, and plus I can see the sunsets, which are really relaxing for me. I'll be in this room until I'm ready to deliver!! Only a few more weeks!! Yeh!!

September 21, 2006-- Last night I had to share the room with a lady who had just given birth to her baby girl. It was so neat to wake up and see a baby laying in her little bed and crying. I started to get really anxious for ours to join the world!! Also Debbie and Crystal came by today, and they brought 2 cute pink preemie outfits, socks, and some relaxation CD's for the babies! I cant wait to dress up the girls!!

September 12, 2006--Today I got put on continuous monitoring, which means i'll have to be on the monitors all day and night. I can still take a shower though!! Now they'll  be able to watch over the girls allot closer, which is nice to know, since it is getting closer!!

September 11, 2006-- We learned from the ultrasound that Sabrina was 2 Il bs 9oz, and Vanessa was 2 Ilbs 7oz!! They're getting so big!!!

The new guest book is up. Hopefully this will keep the spammers from adding their own posts

September 8, 2006-- I got moved to my permanent room. Its a nice one, with
2 closets and my own bathroom!! Yeh!! So i'll be in here until I deliver!!

September 1, 2006-- On the ultrasound today, Sabrina was laying on her back trying to suck on Vanessa's thumb!! It was so cute!!!

August 30, 2006-- Today I got moved to a very small room, so the nurses could use the suite I was in for another patient to fo deliver. The room is pretty small and I have to share the bathroom with my "next door neighbor".
O-well. The nurses told me they don't keep patients in there for longer than
48 hours. so that was nice to know!!

August 22, 2006-- Well, today I got admitted to bed rest at Bayfront Medical Center. I 'll be here until I deliver, which will probably be around 34 weeks. So not that much longer!!

July 15, 2006- Happy Birthday Ashlee. Hope you like your new website!
B-day pics are up!

July 13, 2006- I (Dad) uploaded all the pages. Ashlees birthday is Saturday. Maybe she'll see this, then again, maybe she won't.
Also, redid my own website Been working on my site for about 2 weeks now.

July 5-6, 2006 - Spent most of the day uploading and changing the Photo Album! Lookin' great so far! Some pics are linked 'Shutterfly' like this one. These are put on the website in more higher resolution than normal.

July 4, 2006-July 4th party! We met Nates parents for the first time. Had a great time. They seem to be very nice people. Glad we finally got to meet them. Looks like everyone had a great time!!

July 3,4, 2006- Working on Ash's site. Should have it done in a few weeks.

June 19, 2006--Ashlee went to the doctor and found out she was having TWINS, yes twins!!!! Holy Crapola.
Congratulations to both of them. Betty took Ashlee to the doctor so she found out first.
We excited to find out the news that the babies seem to be doing fine. One of them has a bowel problem, but the doctor said that this is a common thing and that this is a simple process to repair once the baby is born.
Right now, the babies are known as baby 'A' and baby 'B'

June 16,17,18--Jody and I went to 'Old Town' with the 77 Trans Am. Had a ton of rain come down on us once we got close. Made it though though with no problem. Nate and Ashlee met us over there on Saturday afternoon. We went to 'Wonder Works' in Kissimmee on Saturday afternoon, then went to Old Town that night. Had a great time. Bought Nate a hat with 'Natelee' on it. We did this because we did not know what Ashlee was having a boy or a girl, so we combined the names. We've made this a tradition to combine names of the parents until we knew what the baby was. Ashlee name was 'Scody' until she was born.

June 16--Found out that the doctor wants to see Ashlee on Monday as they found something that wasn't right with her blood sample.

May 25 --Ashlee is really starting to get bigger...still looks good though. Talk is that she is bigger than she should be so, POSSIBLY, she looks big enough that she might even be having twins.

April 1st--Found out that Ashlee and Nate were going to have a baby. Well, since it was April Fools day, we thought it was a joke, so we played along with it...found out,...it was not a joke. The joke was on us!
We went to The Green Iguana and had a good time though.




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